Armatures shown (never actually seen like this)

Where to see it and where it’s been.


Lighting Guerrilla. Ljubljana, SI. (May, 2015)

Éspace Virtuel.  Chicoutimi, QC.

PM galerie.  Berlin, DE
Stride gallery.  Calgary, AB

SKOL.  Montréal, QC.

Anna Leonowens gallery.  Halifax, NS.

Constellation. Robyn Moody.

Project description and statement.

LED lights are positioned throughout the darkened gallery space. Their relative positions correspond exactly to existing computer and stereo terminals and workstations, though at first glance the configuration more closely resembles a field of stars. These are our new constellations “The Sleeping Mac”, “The Printer and Scanner”, “The Modem”, etc. Unlike stars, these ones we mostly look down on with a few exceptions.

The conception of this piece came with my departure from a friend’s studio late one night. Turning out the lights, I was greeted with a miniature star-field indicating the relative positions of his stereo equipment, computer and peripherals. The pulsing light of his sleeping Mac reminded me of a rotating galaxy or maybe a pulsar. Though struck by the beauty of this sight, I could not help but consider the absence of an audience for its appreciation; it would be enjoyed by me for the brief moments before the door was locked, and perhaps momentarily before the lights were turned on the next day. In between it burned for no-one. It occurred to me that this scene was playing out in almost every household and office in Canada on a daily basis – the practice of turning such equipment entirely off having become rare or made difficult by design (most home electronic equipment has a “sleep” mode rather than “On” or “Off”, such that unplugging from the mains is the only way to ensure no power is being consumed). Could it be that we unconsciously choose to leave these lights on, as the alternative is to extinguish a beautiful sight?

As an under-appreciated (and wasteful) sight, I determined to allow it to be seen in its full glory, the quantity of which would make both its beauty and unnecessary consumption visibly significant.