Life in the 2 Field.

Where it’s been.

Showed at Truck gallery. Calgary, AB.

Life in the 2 field

In drawn animation, there are a number of different fields used for different effects. In a #2 field, for example, the drawings are done in an area approximately 2″ wide x 1.5″ high. A #12 field will be 12″ wide x 8″ high. In the larger fields, the slight differences between drawings are less detectable, allowing for smoother perceived motion. In a small field – the # 2 field, small differences in successive drawings are amplified when enlarged or projected on a large screen. Lines delineating a room, for example, have a tendency to wave wildly.

Though I currently tend to work in kinetic or electronic sculpture, my beginnings were in animation (attempting to fix broken projectors helped to put me on my current path).

 Life in the 2 field is a project to turn gallery spaces into living drawings. The space will be delineated with black cord connected to motors at the room’s junctions. A simple mechanical cam and lever will be used to control the rate and intensity of the cord’s motion. Think of whipping an extension cord in order to create a wave to dislodge it from some obstruction, and using this wave as part of a living drawing. In this case the waves would be smaller and more controlled, but the principle is the same.